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Fifty Shades Darker trailer breaks Force Awakens' 24-hour record


Now, I know you all love the FIFTY SHADES DARKER trailer, but I had no idea you loved it THAT much! The trailer for the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY sequel hit earlier this week, bringing with it a bevy of sultry looks, party masks and promises of erotic thrilling. Whether or not it accomplished that goal is up to you (hint: it didn't), but it looks like it was enough to break the current record for a trailer watched in a 24-hour period! That's right! FIFTY SHADES DARKER garnered 114 million views, breaking THE FORCE AWAKENS' record by 2 million views! Let's celebrate...with the FIFTY SHADES DARKER trailer!

I'm going to level with you: I have no earthly idea how this trailer managed to drum up such a response, especially on an international level. STAR WARS has been a part of a lot of people's childhoods, and has some fancy FX, so I can understand that. But this? I just couldn't tell you. Except that maybe people were thinking, "Man, I hated that FIFTY SHADES OF GREY movie. Let's watch the trailer for the new one and see how bad it is!" Something like that, I'm guessing. Will that translate to some its box-office draw? One can only hope.

FIFTY SHADES DARKER will open in theaters on February 14, 2017.



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