Fight Club musical??

Dave Fincher is pretty much my favourite film-maker around; I've seen SE7EN more times than I can remember, FIGHT CLUB is my all-time favourite flick, and I've spent heated nights with film elitists defending ALIEN 3. So, when the man says he has a plan for a FIGHT CLUB musical, I am totally down with it. There are no specifics at all, just the mention that "One of the things I want at the 10-year anniversary is to do "Fight Club" as a musical on Broadway. I love the idea of that." Now, I have no idea if he was cracking up while he said it, but whatever, there it is. And I know how you guys are gonna feel about this, why molest something so perfect? Sure, no one is going to play Tyler Durden or the Norton role as well as Pitt and... Norton, but so what? If my wife were suddenly in labor and I was in a room with David Fincher, a surgeon, and Jesus, I'd probably still let the Finch take a crack at getting that sucker out. You gotta have faith, guys. Check out MTV's two part interview over HERE, wherein the man discusses pretty much everything, from RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA, to Matt Damon possibly playing Elliot Ness in TORSO.
Extra Tidbit: Fincher turned down 8MM to do FIGHT CLUB instead. There has perhaps never been a better decision made.
Source: MTV



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