Fight / Gay club?

It's no secret that FIGHT CLUB is one of this site's favorite movies of all-time, and it's no secret that it's also one of my own personal faves ever (read my review HERE), but did you ever watch the film from a different point of view? For example, did you watch it and think that the film was really about a man struggling to figure out his own sexuality? (i.e. homosexuality) Yeah, yeah...just hear me out on this. I had written this up a few years back, but now that this funny clip has showed up on YouTube, I thought this would be a perfect time to re-visit some of these kookie theories. What do you all think? You can also scroll down further to check out this GAY CLUB mash-up on YouTube. Pretty funny.

If you haven't seen FIGHT CLUB, first of all, SHAME ON YOU and second of all, *** beware of spoilers below ***

THEORY: FIGHT CLUB is about one man's "fight" to uncover his own sexuality!

Jack (Norton) is not sure whether or not he's a heterosexual or a homosexual, and he must go through this entire journey, this "fight" if you will, to uncover his true tendencies.

Why do I say that? Many reasons.

1) The film begins with Jack having a gun in his mouth (obvious phallic symbol symbolizing...well, you know!)

2) The film skips over to the next scene which features a meeting aptly titled "REMAINING MEN TOGETHER" which features men who no longer have testicules (a physical feature which clearly sets men apart from women), and one man with actual women's breasts. (i.e. this is where Jack tries to remain a heterosexual..."remaining men together")

3) Eventually, Jack has to call someone for help when his life turns upside down and he tries Marla first (heterosexuality). He quickly decides against it and then goes for Tyler (homosexuality). He makes up this imaginary guy who just happens to be one of the best looking guys around! (not a coincidence)

4) The two men set up an exclusive "club for men". Check.

5) In a conversation scene in the bathroom between the two men, Tyler says to Jack, "I don't know if another woman is the solution for us" (i.e. maybe homosexuality is the option for us).


Extra Tidbit: According to author Chuck Palahniuk's website, he "...he has been in a long term, committed relationship for the past 11 years." Hmmmm.... :)
Source: YouTube.com



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