Fight or die! Four new Centurion posters

Neil Marshall's CENTURION really looks to be epic.

The trailer was quite promising. Before writing this article up I had the pleasure of re-watching, and it just seems amazingly brutal.

I also really love the cast that they put together: Olga Kurylenko, Dominic West, Michael Fassbender, and the one I was really surprised by, Noel Clarke. Clarke used to play Mickey on DOCTOR WHO during the Tennant years.

Some cool Spanish posters have landed online. There's a group poster as well as 3 solo ones. To check out the full solo posters, click on any to head over to Aullidos. I've also provided poor translations of what the solo posters say. I went to Google Translate for the answers. There could be problems.

"If you are hunted, consider yourself a dead man."

"I am a solider of Rome. I will not yield!"

"We are behind enemy lines and we only have one chance to survive."

Olga is a flat-out gorgeous lady.
Extra Tidbit: If my translations acquired from Google are horrible, please let me know.
Source: Aullidos



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