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Tasty exotic dish Maggie Q has already smacked around random bad guys in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 and Bruce Willis in LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, but there are still more bipeds to pummel.

Ms. Q (aka Maggie Denise Quigley) will star in KING OF FIGHTERS, an adaptation of the videogame series that was popular at least a decade ago.

The $12 million chopsockey flick is directed by Gordon Chan (FIST OF LEGEND, THE MEDALLION) and also features Sean Faris (NEVER BACK DOWN), Will Yun Lee (TORQUE) and Ray Park (so that's where Darth Maul has been hiding), along with fight choreographer David Leitch. I only hope it's as (inadvertently) entertaining as DOA.

Q is no stranger to kung fu flicks -- she started her career in Hong Kong features like GEN-Y COPS (with a blond Paul Rudd!) and the wonderfully bad NAKED WEAPON.

Extra Tidbit: Q's filmography also boasts a rare claim: co-starring with Sammo Hung and Michael Biehn in the same movie (DRAGON SQUAD, produced by Steven Seagal).
Source: Variety



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