Fillion's Wonder Woman

Don't let the headline fool you -- FIREFLY captain Nathan Fillion isn't slipping on the bulletproof bracelets and golden bustier of DC's superheroine, fortunately.

He is, however, providing his vocal talent to an animated WONDER WOMAN flick. Since Warner Bros. can't seem to get a live-action solo feature together (despite the best efforts of Fillion's comrade Joss Whedon) and the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is in high orbit with the Watchtower, the studio is cracking the whip on countless underpaid animators to get a direct-to-vid Amazon 'toon into your home.

Fillion (who can currently be seen chasing the spooks from your DVD player in WHITE NOISE: THE LIGHT) will throw his voice as Steve Trevor, the military officer and lowly human romantic interest for the statuesque goddess. The project reunites Fillion with his WAITRESS co-star/patient Keri Russell, who'll portray the legendary super-strong warrior babe. The DVD is due early next year.
Extra Tidbit: Fillion previously voiced the gunslinging character Vigilante on the animated JUSTICE LEAGUE series.
Source: World's Finest



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