Film based on the Pink Floyd track 'Another Brick In the Wall' is in the works

Andy Harries, the producer behind THE DAMNED UNITED and THE QUEEN, is reportedly planning to put together a film based on the Pink Floyd music track 'Another Brick In the Wall' from the prog rock band's 1979 album The Wall.

The new project would not be a remake of the Alan Parker-directed 1982 Pink Floyd film THE WALL, but rather, a telling of the true story of the school children who sang on the track 'Another Brick In the Wall' and their music teacher Alan Renshaw. Producer Harries describes the film as "Dead Poets Society meets School of Rock."

Deadline adds that the film would follow Renshaw "who arrived at a struggling north London comprehensive (public) school in the late 70s, determined to shake things up. His class eventually ends up singing the chorus on the Pink Floyd track – whose controversial lyrics, flicking a V-sign at authority, end up getting Renshaw sacked."

First-time screenwriter Steve Thompson is on scripting duties. Harries admits, however, that he has not yet secured the rights to the Pink Floyd song.

You can listen to the three parts of 'Another Brick In the Wall' below:

Extra Tidbit: So who here's tried the whole WIZARD OF OZ/Dark Side of the Moon mash-up?
Source: Deadline



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