Fimmel's Experiment

Two new bits of news about Paul Scheuring’s American adaptation of DAS EXPERIMENT have surfaced. First, Sony has picked up the project and is set to release it sometime in 2010. Second, long-haired heartthrob Travis Fimmel has joined the cast, taking the role that was supposed to go to Elijah Wood. Of course, this switch is wash, considering the two could practically be twins.

THE EXPERIMENT tells the very true story of the Stanford Prison Experiment, where students were divided into prisoners and guards, and quickly both sides experienced a psychological meltdown as the guards went mad with imaginary power and started abusing the fake inmates emotionally and sometimes physically, until the prisoners ultimately staged a rebellion. Go science!

Also in the film are Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker who play the leaders of the prisoners and guards respectively. I can see Brody in his role, but Whitaker? He’s a teddy bear! Except for that one time he played that dictator who killed thousands of people... Yeah.

Which side will Fimmel fall on? I think he’s supposed to be a prisoner, but you don’t have abs like that and get told what to do by Forest freaking Whitaker.

Extra Tidbit: Did this kid audition for THOR? I would certainly hope so or he's got the worst agent ever.
Source: THR



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