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Final Cars 2 trailer revs its engine


This year's big Pixar feature is CARS 2, and while may that disappoint fans hoping for a brand new property, it's sure to delight kids worldwide, and a few adults to boot.

This new, rather long spot is the last we'll see for the film before it comes out June 24th. But I'll believe that when it happens. It chronicles the adventures of Mater and Lightning and their worldwide trip that gets them caught up in an international web of mystery, all the while racing in a world grand prix.

My biggest complaint with the original was that for a film about a race car, it didn't go a whole lot of places, but the exact opposite appears to be true in the sequel. Check it out below:

Extra Tidbit: I just flew back from a CARS 2 press event that I'll be talking about tomorrow, stay tuned!
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