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Final Clone Wars trailer

Final Clone Wars trailer

I'm not sure what to say about STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS that I haven't already said. The new trailer is online at Yahoo! Movies and it hasn't changed my opinion on the movie one way or the other. I don't hate the movie and I don't love it. It's just there. If you're a STAR WARS fan, I'm presuming you'll go see it just because it's STAR WARS. But other than that it just does nothing for me and I get a sense that's happening with most people. Of course we were all ready to string up HULK by his Buster Browns earlier this spring and look at us now; fawning over it like a bunch of giddy schoolgirls. Check out the trailer below or head to Yahoo! Movies to watch it in HD.

While you're at it you can head over to our wallpapers section to download some brand new STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS wallpapers. Because your desktop of Jessica Alba's cleavage is just getting creepy...

Extra Tidbit: I'd like to see a Pixar/STAR WARS movie...
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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