Final Destination 4 cast

FINAL DESTINATION 4 has rounded up a fresh list of Reaper victims for the latest culling of TV and Canadian actors.

Krista Allen (seen here in delicious pink), who has previously tangled with FEAST beasts and George Clooney's libido, will be among those fleeing the spectre of Death in the latest entry, which will be shot in trendy 3-D despite missing the marketing synergy of the last movie. As is now customary, the beginning will feature a spectacularly horrific tragedy (a racecar crash this time), followed by 90 minutes of people disbelieving the notion of cheating fate before each suffering a gloriously grisly demise.

Also among the future grave-fillers are Shantal VanSanten, Hayley Webb, Bobby Campo, Nick Zano and Andy Fiscella, whose overall lack of name recognition virtually ensures a series of cinematic Rube Goldberg-esque sequences resulting in bloody entertainment. Director David Ellis, who brought us the most amazing plate-glass pasting ever committed to film in FINAL DESTINATION 2, is back for the carnage this time, thereby guaranteeing my ticket purchase.
Extra Tidbit: Allen appeared on an X-FILES episode as a slinky, scantily clad model named Jade Blue Afterglow.
Source: Variety



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