Final Sunshine poster

Danny Boyle's upcoming movie SUNSHINE has already been released in England, and I know a few Brits who weren't too pleased (although our own Arrow give it a glowing review). I've got high hopes for this one, since everything I've seen of it so far has been riveting, and the plot alone is really fresh. Plus it's Danny Boyle, who rarely, if ever misses. And if that weren't enough, the movie stars Cillian Murphy's oceanic blue eyes, which to me are the prettiest pearls in film today, and apparently the designer of the latest SUNSHINE poster agrees with me, since at least one of them is on glorious display. The curious contraption on the bottom of the poster is the film's spaceship, which its crew will use to carry a bomb the size of Kansas in an attempt to re-ignite the dying sun. You can click on Murphy's indigo orb to see the poster in FULL, and the movie beams down to the States on July 20th.

Extra Tidbit: The studio wanted Boyle to include Earth scenes throughout the film, but Boyle rejected them, saying it would diminish the impact of the final scene. Those who have seen it must know what I'm talking about.
Source: /Film



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