Final TF one-sheet

I am making a promise to myself that this will be the last TRANSFORMERS related update that I make before I see the movie. Partly because the movie is literally around the corner and partly because I've pretty much exhausted my pool of things to say about the flick. I don't even want to contemplate what I'm going to add as an extra tidbit. Pretty soon I'm going to be saying something like '...they're robots, but you see what's cool about them, is that they - now stay with me, stay with me - they transform!', either that or I'll have to go in totally the other direction and start talking about Alpha Trion and the cultural impact of the term 'Bah Weep Gra Na Weep Ninny Bong!'.

Basically this is the deal: here is the final one-sheet. I swear I've seen this before, but SuperHeroHype tells me it's an exclusive first look, and to be frank there has been so much media released regarding this thing, it's become almost impossible to keep track.

Click on the thing for a better look!

Extra Tidbit: Did you guys notice the part in the old TRANSFORMERS cartoon movie, when Sludge gets smashed on the back by Devastator and his eyes pop out of his head? That always bugged me...
Source: SuperHeroHype



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