Finally, Val Kilmer and Francis Ford Coppola make a movie together

As someone who has quoted movies like REAL GENIUS, TOMBSTONE and TOP SECRET to what is likely an irritating degree, I think it's kind of criminal that Val Kilmer's career hasn't soared in the 21st century (even his equally quoted KISS KISS BANG BANG didn't prove to be a comeback launch).

But it's good to know he's not spending all his time helping Steven Seagal and Michael Madsen stock the shelves with straight-to-DVD material. Surprisingly, Kilmer will be part of award-winning filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola's currently filming thriller TWIXT NOW AND SUNRISE.

The now-beefy hearththrob will play a horror novelist in the film, which also stars Elle Fanning (upcoming SUPER 8) and screen veteran Bruce Dern. Not much has been revealed about the story but Coppola is shooting the movie on his own Napa property, so you know there's probably plenty of decent vino on the set.

Coppola hasn't directed horror since 1992's DRACULA (unless you count the Robin Williams movie JACK), but has produced quite a few since then (he was an executive producer on JEEPERS CREEPERS and its sequel -- weird).

Extra Tidbit: Kilmer was the best thing about MacGRUBER, but after SPARTAN I'd love to see him hook up with David Mamet again.
Source: Deadline



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