Fincher directing M:I 3

David Fincher had many options as to his follow-up film to the successful PANIC ROOM.  It could've been THEY FOUGHT ALONE, RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA, SEARED, THE BLACK DAHLIA, STAY or HARDBOILED among others.  But when Tom Cruise comes a callin' with a really big paycheck in his hands, it's awful hard to turn him down.  As such, Finch is in final negotiations to direct the third, and presumably last, installment in the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE series.  His name had been attached to the film for some time but with so many projects to choose from, one was never sure exactly which direction he would go.  Fincher joins Brian DePalma and John Woo as directors of M:I films, following in Cruise's plan to have different directors with different styles helming each film.  This isn't the first time Fincher has taken over the reigns of a popular action series for the third installment.  He filmed ALIEN 3 to mediocre reviews and maintains to this day it's painful for him to watch.  With much more creative control this time around, you can expect to see a very different action film.  It is expected that Robert Towne will return to write the script for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3.

David Fincher
David Fincher with Helena Bonham-Carter on the set of FIGHT CLUB

Source: Variety
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