Fincher does TV

Though he's been extremely successful working in the world of film, director David Fincher has yet to make the move so many A-list directors make and produce content for TV. Sure he continues to do the occasional commercial (like this recent Nike ad with Vikings stud RB Adrian Petersen) but nothing like what Bryan Singer has done with "House" or Steven Spielberg has done with "The United States of Tara." But that's about to change.

Fincher has signed a deal to develop and produce an American version of the British miniseries "House of Cards" with his BENJAMIN BUTTON writer Eric Roth. Fincher's version of the story will follow US politics and all the blackmail and corruption that goes along with it. At this point Fincher is not confirmed to direct but he may do the pilot episode and then take a backseat. The project isn't set up at a network yet but I'd imagine this would be perfect for HBO. Fincher is currently working on pre-production for his next feature directing gig THE SOCIAL NETWORK.

Extra Tidbit: Fincher got a "special thanks" credit at the end of WALL-E.
Source: THR



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