Fincher gets Goon?

If only David Fincher was as prolific with making movies as he is at collecting projects... but then, at least he's lining up interesting material for his inevitable work.

Fincher is apparently developing a computer-animated flick based on Eric Powell's great horror comic THE GOON, which revolves around a zombie-punching mob enforcer and his mouthy sidekick, and their misadventures in a bizarre creature-filled town.

The CG will be handled by animation/FX house Blur Studio, who've done work for various videogames, commercials and television projects -- Fincher recently worked with them (and frequent collaborator Brad Pitt) on a Softbank ad.

The project joins Fincher's many other plans, including a new HEAVY METAL flick and movies based on the graphic novel BLACK HOLE, the Euro hitman comic THE KILLER, the long-in-the-works sci-fi tale RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA, and the Eliot Ness murder mystery graphic novel TORSO.
Extra Tidbit: Goon already teamed with Hellboy (also based at Dark Horse Comics) on the page, and now seems to be following Big Red into theaters.
Source: Eric PowellAICN



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