Fincher gets Proud

'75 PETER PROUD poster

If you want a David Fincher project to have more than a one-in-ten chance to see light of day, here might be the secret: couple him with a screenwriter who gave him one of his most kick-ass movies. Even if said writer hasn't done much these last 10 years.

Fincher is reuniting with his SE7EN scribe Andrew Kevin Walker to re-adapt the Max Erlich novel THE REINCARNATION OF PETER PROUD, rumored on the director's slate for years and previously filmed in '75 by J. Lee Thompson with Michael Sarrazin starring.

IF it ever happens, the film will follow a College professor in search of a past life he's been having nightmares about. Sounds a tad bit boring, but it's Fincher working with Walker, who also has THE WOLFMAN coming up. Plus a good casting choice could make this quite cool. Like...I dunno. Any thoughts?

Extra Tidbit: Walker's last film was SLEEPY HOLLOW in '99. And two of those awesome BMW mini movies in 2001. Where WAS he all this time?
Source: Variety



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