Fincher on Spidey

Guardian recently spoke to David Fincher about the technical challenges involved in BENJAMIN BUTTON. They also managed to talk to him about whether or not he would be interested in doing a superhero movie. He replied:

"I was asked if I might be interested in the first Spider-Man, and I went in and told them what I might be interested in doing, and they hated it. No, I'm not interested in doing "A Superhero". The thing I liked about Spider-Man was I liked the idea of a teenager, the notion of this moment in time when you're so vulnerable yet completely invulnerable. But I wasn't interested in the genesis, I just couldn't shoot somebody being bitten by a radioactive spider – just couldn't sleep knowing I'd done that."

I wouldn't necessarily say that this means Fincher will never do a superhero movie though, since there are a bunch of realistically concieved superheroes out there. Just because I can't think of any doesn't mean anything. I'm sure you guys will educate me. I can't always be the one teaching people things.
Extra Tidbit: Actress #512 to somehow not get cast as Mary Jane Watson: Alicia Witt.
Source: Guardian



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