Fincher's new Killer

Sometimes it seems like director David Fincher spends more time collecting projects than he does making them, but at least he's keeping busy.

The latest added to his stack is the Euro-flavored comic series THE KILLER, which (as you might ascertain from the title) is about a professional hitman who starts to question his line of business at the same time the law is closing in on him. The comic (no relation to the John Woo action masterpiece, and thus is destined for a title change) will be adapted by Allesandro Camon, formerly a producer on movies such as THANK YOU FOR SMOKING and AMERICAN PSYCHO.

Fincher is currently putting the finishing touches on his Brad Pitt hat trick THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON (Pitt's company Plan B is also producing THE KILLER). It's unknown what project he'll tackle next, but he's also long been considering the sci-fi tale RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA and the Eliot Ness murder mystery TORSO, based on the graphic novel.
Extra Tidbit: Fincher co-produced BMW Film's "The Hire", a series of shorts from high-profile directors featuring Clive Owen as a reticent driver taking on various tasks. Unfortunately the films are no longer available online (officially).
Source: Variety



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