Fincher's new Nike ad

The summer movie season was great and all but it's awful nice to have that all over and done with and have the football season among us. I overloaded on pigskin this weekend and still woke up craving more. As I watched an ungodly amount of football this weekend, I noticed a striking new commercial for Nike starring Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (and to all you Vikes fans, a big SKOL on your win this weekend). Curious to see who was behind it, I looked it up online today and the answer shouldn't have surprised me: David Fincher.

Shot by Oscar-nominated cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (CHILDREN OF MEN), the spot features AP on the field in all kinds of weather as we begin to see perhaps why he's so successful. If you missed it this weekend (or just want to give it another look) you can check it out below. As for Fincher's he's supposedly hard at work on THE SOCIAL NETWORK, the Facebook movie currently in pre-production.

Extra Tidbit: Am I hearing some "Lost" musical cues in there?
Source: JoBlo.com



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