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First action packed shot of Owen Wilson, Steve Martin and Jack Black's birdwatching epic


When I heard someone was making a comedy about birdwatching, I immediately thought, "Oh nice, I haven't seen a Christopher Guest movie in quite some time."

But not so, in fact THE BIG YEAR is under the helm of DEVIL WEARS PRADA and MARLEY AND ME's David Frankel.

Above we have the trio of comedic cast members, Owen Wilson, Steve Martin and Jack Black who are all attempting to outdo each other to spot the rarest birds of the season. It's hard to imagine what sort of comedy plot unfolds around these dull circumstances, but I'm sure there's something interesting in store for the concept.

Joining these three are Rosamund Pike, Rashida Jones, Anthony Anderson, Joel McHale, and Angelica Huston, making for a rather well rounded cast. Look for more on this one down the road.

Extra Tidbit: Steve Martin would appear not to age.
Source: IMDB



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