First Buried pics

I may have a decently sized man-crush on Ryan Reynolds, but even I'm not sure if I'm ready to sit inside a coffin with him for an hour and a half in BURIED. The film, which follows an Iraqi contractor buried alive in the desert with only a cell phone, stars Ryan Reynolds and ONLY Ryan Reynolds. Spanish site Aullidos landed this first look at just what that might look like.

Well, I don’t really know what else I was expecting. That’s Ryan Reynolds, in a coffin, with a cell phone. But oooh, his phone light is blue! Spoilers! This angle is probably what the good majority of the film will look like, and makes you think that once the script is written, this entire movie could be filmed in what? Twenty-four hours?

Click on the picture to see it larger and also one more of Reynolds confabbing with the crew about what exactly the right way is to lay flat in a coffin without your crotch blocking the shot.

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, he gets service underground? And in a desert? And in Iraq? That better be one badass sat-phone.
Source: Aullidos



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