First Cemetery Junction trailer shows Gervais' serious side

Drama and Ricky Gervais aren't two things that normally go hand in hand, outside of a particularly tender moment between Tim and Dawn in The Office, or Andy and Maggie in Extras, but it appears the comedy master wants to do a bit of branching out with CEMETERY JUNCTION.

The film was written by Gervais and longtime partner Stephen Merchant, and both have roles in the film, albeit not starring ones. The lead instead is filled by Christian Cooke as a bored blue-collar worker who wants more out of life in the 1970s. Keep an eye out for Ralph Fiennes and Matthew Goode as well.

Can Gervais do drama? It’s not something I’ve really seen him attempt thus far, and this trailer doesn’t swing me one way or the other. But even the man’s missteps end up being pretty damn great, so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Check out the trailer below:

Extra Tidbit: Gervais' "worst" endeavor? INVENTION OF LYING needed a lot of work, but even that was brilliant in parts.
Source: JoBlo



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