First Experiment pics

First it was a real life science project called The Stanford Prison Experiment, then it was a 2001 German film called DAS EXPERIMENT, now it’s an American remake called THE EXPERIMENT with Forest Whitaker, Adrien Brody, Elijah Wood, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Grace and Clifton Collins Jr.

The film follows a group of volunteers divided up into prisoners and guards who are thrown into a simulation jail to see how they handle their newfound roles. In real life, the experiment was halted due to a surge of abusive behavior by the guards and subsequent rebellion by the prisoners in a relative short amount of time. This would likely make for a cool enough film as is, but the German version turned up the dial to eleven, adding in both rape and murder to the proceedings. No word on how far the American version will go.

Bloody Disgusting has the first look at shots from the movie, including stars Brody, Whitaker and Gigandet. Click on the pictures to blow them up over at BD.


Extra Tidbit: THE EXPERIMENT is written and directed by Prison Break's Paul Scheuring. Dude really likes jail I guess.



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