First Full Frontal pictures

You'd think I'd be more excited about the first two shots of Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts from Steven Soderbergh's next experimental film FULL FRONTAL - but I'm not.  First off, let it be known that Brad Pitt isn't the star of this vehicle. Neither is Julia.  So don't let that fool you. Pitt's role is reportedly one script page long and Julia has less screen time than OCEAN'S 11. No one is really the main character - it's an ensemble really, but I suppose when you've got names like Pitt and Roberts in your film, it's easy to ignore Blair Underwood (no offense Blair...).

In any event, I wanted the first pics I saw from the film to mean something.  To kick me in the ass and say "You have to see this movie goddamnit!" But now we have these grainy papparazzi shots of Brad in a weird looking suit and Julia just looking terrible.  Not sure if that's her character or what but yikes! Anyway, the pics appeared at AICN but they came from another website, where they came from another website, and on and on, back until someone scanned them in and put them up somewhere.  I tried to find the original site but had no luck.  Anyway, take a look for yourself...

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