First Kane and Lynch posters at Cannes show Fox and Willis, sort of

Since it's my job to consume all movie news practically the moment it happens, I rarely feel out of the loop, but I have to admit that even though I knew the video game KANE AND LYNCH had been optioned for a movie, I missed all the casting announcements that proclaimed Bruce Willis to be Kane and Jamie Foxx to be Lynch.

And now, further proof that the film is indeed moving forward, despite very lackluster reviews for the game, as Empire snagged shots of two K&L posters at Cannes, which looks pretty SIN CITY-ish, and strangely like the loading screen to Mafia Wars on my iPhone.

For the record, what you see below is what Kane and Lynch look like in the game. Careful observers will notice that Lynch has been transformed from a bald John Goodman type to a smooth young black dude in the form of Jamie Fox. I guess creepy, angry old white men don’t test well. At least not two of them.

Extra Tidbit: I think I would have rather seen Goodman in this instead of another black guy/white guy escapade with Bruce Willis.
Source: Empire



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