First look at art from Legendary's new Godzilla movie

I keep forgetting that a new GODZILLA is actually in the works, as I think they've pretty much done all they can with the same monster tearing up various locations around the globe, but sure enough, the film is coming, and now Legendary Pictures has released the first artwork from the film’s production which you can see below.

It’s certainly Godzilla, and doesn’t look too terribly different from previous incarnations we’ve seen of him over the years. He’s got spikes, he looks angry and has what appears to be a plasma bolt stuck in his throat.

I love the old Godzilla movies in all their camptastic glory, but he hasn’t exactly translated to modern audiences very well with past sequels meant to “update” the character. JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves made a great Godzilla-type movie with CLOVERFIELD, but you can’t exactly use that same format with Godzilla himself, as at this point, the monster is hardly a mystery.

Extra Tidbit: Bring back Mothra!
Source: JoBlo.com



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