First look at D4

D$ poster

I absolutely love it when a rookie director comes out of nowhere with a small-budget film that promises in one swift teaser to take a whole bunch of big-time directors out for a schooling!

D4, written, directed and headlined by Nashville-based filmmaker Darrin Dickerson, is a sci-fi/horror actionner about a team of ex-military mercenaries hired by a wealthy doctor to rescue her kidnapped child from a supposedly abandoned government facility. Once inside, they discover they're not alone, and what was meant to be a simple search and rescue quickly turns into a fight for survival.

Looks a bit like it was shot on video, and many might say the plot smells like deja vu all over again, but looking at the teaser down there makes me much more interested in this than Mike Bay's BIG EFFING ROBOTS Pt3.

Thanks to the Quiet Earth bunch for the find; no release date or deal is yet known.

Extra Tidbit: Dickerson apparently made a bunch of shorts before that; anyone seen any of 'em? I'm curious.
Source: Quiet Earth



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