First look at Ellen Page alongside her crime fighting partner Rainn Wilson in Super

Not only is Ariadne an architect, but she is also a crime fighting side kick that goes by "Boltie".

Why did I refer to Page as Ariadne? Well, duh, that's her character's name in INCEPTION, but there's one thing that her next movie SUPER and INCEPTION have in common--the neckerchief. This is something rather minor that I may have never said anything about until a read a review of INCEPTION after it came out.

The review was well written and quite intelligent, until the neckerchief came into the picture. This reviewer goes on and on about a neckerchief because in their opinion Page is too much a of a tomboy and "Who wears a neckerchief?". I've never heard anyone more passionate about their distaste for a fashion accessory. It really stuck out in my mind that this minor detail had made such a wave.

The bottom line is...who gives a crap. So, Ellen Page brought her own style into INCEPTION as well as SUPER.

Moving on...this new pic from the film is the first one to show Rainn Wilson and Page together. James Gunn put in the caption under the photo that the two were preparing for war. Those attending TIFF will get the first viewing of the film. I want to go to there.

Extra Tidbit: I just ranted against a rant on a minor detail. Way to let it go Niki. So does anyone here find Ellen Page attractive? I know I do!
Source: JamesGunn.com



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