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First look at Peter Dinklage & Adam Sandler from Chris Columbus' Pixels


PIXELS is a unique Adam Sandler film, as in unlike other recent movies starring the actor, the premise doesn't make me want to bounce my head off of a wall. Based on Patrick Jean's short film of the same name, Chris Columbus' PIXELS will follow a group of old-school arcaders as they try to save the world from an 8-bit video game inspired alien invasion.

The latest issue of EW has a first look at Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad and Michelle Monaghan from PIXELS, and while there aren't any 8-bit characters featured in this first image, we do get a look at the sweet hairdo Peter Dinklage will be rocking for the upcoming film.

Take a look:

PIXELS has the potential to be a very fun film, but I understand why some aren't too optimistic about Chris Columbus new movie. Patrick Jean's short is awesome though, and if handled correctly, the feature film could wind up being just as entertaining as 2012's WRECK-IT-RALPH, another film featuring classic video game characters. Definitely interested in checking out the first trailer for PIXELS, although it'll probably be a while before one is released since principal photography on the film just started last month.

PIXELS also stars Brian Cox, Kevin James and Jane Krakowski, and will open on May 15, 2015.



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