First official pics of Russell Brand in Arthur remake

I may have said this before but I'll repeat: I openly loathe the original ARTHUR. I just find it one of the most unpleasant comedies I've even had the misfortune of sitting through. That Russell Brand recently wrapped production on a remake of ARTHUR leaves me feeling somewhat conflicted because I thought Brand was nothing short of genius in GET HIM TO THE GREEK but...ARTHUR? Turns out I'm not alone. Helen Mirren, who stars with Brand and takes on the Oscar-winning John Gielgud role, said of the original, "I just didn’t think a film about a drunken small guy was remotely funny." (YES!)

Whether or not you loved the original or are excited or not for the remake, we've got some new pics from Brand's version to share. You've no doubt seen all the paparazzi photos from the set (including shots of Brand dressed as Batman), but these are official production photos, the first of which are online. Check em out below and let me know what you think.

Extra Tidbit: The movie had to get permission from Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan to use the Batman costume and Batmobile in the film.
Source: NY Times



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