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First photo from Fast Five ratchets up the homoerotic tension


It doesn't take a film student to notice the homoerotic undertones in the FAST AND THE FURIOUS film franchise. It's obvious enough that SNL created the Digital Short "Fast and the Bi-Curious" starring Andy Samberg and Seth Rogen as two gearheads who can't get enough of each other. It almost seems now as if FAST FIVE is parodying the SNL parody as the first still from the film looks like something right out of the Lonely Island video.

Are they arguing about exploding pistons or dipsticks? In fairness, it looks as if USA Today, who premiered the above image, may have cropped it to amplify the hot tension between the film's two stars but still...

The FAST FIVE trailer will premiere tomorrow afternoon on Vin Diesel's Facebok page if you need to see exactly where this scene is headed.

Extra Tidbit: "Just like the Vin Diesel movie only slightly gayer!"
Source: USA Today



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