First photos appear from Brad Andesron's Vanishing on 7th

I was pretty pumped to see Brad Anderson's name on the shortlist for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 directors, as I’m a big fan of the director who has done SESSION 9 and THE MACHINIST. But it’s probably good he didn’t get that job, as he can now work on more original projects of his own.

His next endeavor is VANISHING ON 7TH STREET, a post-apocalyptic thriller starring Thandie Newton, John Leguizamo and Hayden Christensen. The first stills from the movie are online (via QuietEarth) and you can read the official synopsis below.

A mysterious, seemingly global blackout yields countless populations to simply vanish, leaving only their clothes and possessions behind. A small handful of survivors band together in a dimly-lit tavern on 7th Street, struggling to combat the apocalyptic horror. Realizing they may in fact be the last people on earth, the darkness hones in on them alone.

What apocalyptic horror is there to combat if everyone has disappeared? I guess we’ll find out.

I swear to God if this turns out to be the rapture…

Extra Tidbit: Anderson is also set to direct a movie about an amnesiac serial killer called JACK.
Source: Quiet Earth



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