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First poster for Cowboys and aliens blends past and future tech


We've only been subjected to horrible bootlegs so far, but now we have our first ACTUAL poster for Jon Favreau's COWBOYS AND ALIENS.

It features a cowboy with his face in shadow, though presumably it's lead Daniel Craig, and he's clutching a rifle and has some sort of alien tech strapped to his arm. Not much else to go on, but if you really want to learn some plot details feel free to investigate the comic source material.

In addition to Craig, Olivia Wilde and Harrison Ford are also starring, both of whom get me excited for very different reasons, and I'm sure in the tradition of a million IRON MAN character posters, each will get their own one sheets eventually as well.

Click to see it bigger at the Pimpin' Poster palace!

Extra Tidbit: Did that movie about vikings fighting aliens ever come out?
Source: Yahoo!



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