First promos for Star Wars: Rebels show off some characters and action

More and more is being revealed about the new STAR WARS animated series, Star Wars: Rebels, be it through behind-the-scenes videos, posters, or new toy images, but today we have our first proper promo spots for the upcoming show, which is set to debut on Disney XD in the fall. The two new spots highlight some of the new characters, settings, and locales that are set to appear in the show, including the golden plains of Lothal, TIE fighters, the Ghost starship, the grumpy droid, Chopper, and one of the new lead characters, Ezra.



The new series "takes place between Star Wars: Episode III and IV as the Empire tightens its grip on the galaxy and a rebellion begins to form" so it's a significant shift from the latest Star Wars show, The Clone Wars (which will debut its final season on Netflix). So far, the new show is looking pretty good, if not exceptionally similar to Clone Wars in style, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'll definitely be checking it out and hoping for the best.

Star Wars: Rebels kicks off this fall on Disney XD.

Source: Star Wars



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