First Rapunzel look

Wow. I never knew RAPUNZEL could be so hot.

Today, we have our first official look at the maiden with the ridiculously long hair. The scan came from the magazine Studio CineLive, which is comprised of Disney & Pixar projects. If you notice, the text on the photo is in French. I took a year of French, but you can figure out the first few sentences without the language lesson.

The scan illustrates the beautiful Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) tying down the dashing bandit, Flynn Ryder (Zachary Levi) with her golden locks. Kinky. Ryder's an Alice in Chains shirt away from looking like an ex-boyfriend of mine. What might be really exciting is the fact that Glen Keane is the directing animator on this movie. He actually developed a new look for the computer animated film so that it felt traditionally hand drawn.

Originally this was supposed to be a crazy live action story where Rapunzel turns into a squirrel. Fortunately, that didn't happen and Keane got it back to the original tale, "I think that's what Disney needs to do right now. No one else can do it. We should not be embarrassed or make excuses for doing a fairytale." Thank you Mr. Keane.

Extra Tidbit: David Cross does a voice in this as well. I wish he would bring back Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family-Band Solution.
Source: DisneyPixar.fr



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