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First Red State teaser makes its creeptastic debut


Unless there was some charity Twitter auction I missed, it appears Kevin Smith has decided to debut the first RED STATE teaser the old fashioned way, on his website, and it's our first real look at the project, other than a few assorted posters and stills.

I have to say, for as much as I'm normally amused writing about Kevin Smith's antics, whether he's declaring war on us bloggers or getting booted off planes, this geniunely looks intriguing, and I'm very curious to see more.

The concept of a religious-based horror film is a something seldom explored recently, much less one based on extremist Christianity, and I'm really looking forward to see what Smith does here. This teaser is sufficiently creepy, more action-packed than I anticipated and gives us a taste what we can look forward to.



Extra Tidbit: Reminds me of my Baptist private high school. Kidding! Sort of.
Source: Smodcast



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