First Righteous pics!

I know.

We brought you a couple of pictures of Pacino and De Niro filming last month, but Empire have snagged themselves the very first official images from their upcoming flick. You can click HERE for the rest of the gallery. The film, THE RIGHTEOUS KILL, directed by Jon Avnet, stars Pacino and De Niro as a pair of cops on the trail of a serial killer. Featuring in the background while these guys eat up scenery like it was buffet sushi, are Curtis Jackson, Brian Dennehy, John Leguizamo and the lovely Carla Gugino.

Question: Is this film getting too much hype just because of the fact that Pacino and De Niro are in it together? I mean, there's really nothing spectacular about that plot at all. Gugino is fucking fantastic to look at, but Avnet isn't exactly the greatest director who ever lived. Still, this is an event; it's like having Tupac and Biggie doing a song together, or (if you're not so much with the rap music, then) having Jesus and Voltron deal with evil. I guess we should get excited.
Extra Tidbit: Avnet worked with Pacino on the film 88 MINUTES.
Source: Empire



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