First shots from the set of Captain America show the party on V-E Day

We've seen blurry Comic-Con footage, but this is the first clear(ish) look we've had at the filming of CAPTAIN AMERICA , in lieu of any official screenshots.

As you can see by the abundant watermarks, WENN has gotten their hands on some snaps for the set during a scene set in Trafalgar Square in London. Extras line the streets in period garb and celebrate the end of the war on V-E Day, when Germany surrendered to the Allies.

No sign of Chris Evans, but it does give you a taste of the feel of the film, at least during its initial moments where we see Cap's origin in WWII, though I'm not sure when exactly the film will jump to the future. I have to say, I am hopeful about this, but I guess we'll see.

See the rest of the photos over at WENN .

Extra Tidbit: Who would win in a fight, Chris Evans or Ryan Reynolds? Who would win doing stand-up comedy?
Source: WENN



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