First Sunday Poster

When I first saw the poster for FIRST SUNDAY, I was all, ‘Ice Cube is doing a prequel to the SUNDAY movies? Where the shit did this come from?’ Then clarity struck and I realized those movies had FRIDAY in the title, not SUNDAY. Thank God I realized that in time, because if I had posted this as the prequel to the ‘SUNDAY movies’, I would never have showed my face on Joblo.com again. FIRST SUNDAY stars Cube, Morgan and Katt Williams (an American actor and comedian who had a role in FRIDAY AFTER NEXT) as best friends and petty criminals who try and rob a church in order to pay off a debt. I’d say this film has little to no potential of being any good, except that Tracy Morgan is in it. But you can always just watch him on 30 ROCK. Inexplicably, FIRST SUNDAY will be released on a Friday (January 11) and you can ogle the poster BELOW.

Extra Tidbit: Ice Cube said in an interview that he would have liked to star in this movie with Mike Epps.
Source: impawards.com



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