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First teaser for Insidious features paranormal craziness from Saw's James Wan


What happens when two veterans of low budget horror mash their heads together for one terrifying cocktail? We have INSIDIOUS, directed by SAW's James Wan and produced by PARANORMAL ACTIVITY's Oren Peli.

There's a new teaser out, which you can see below, that features a brief overview of the film. The story centers on a comatose boy haunted by a demon who makes things very uncomfortable for his family (Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson). They initially believe the house to be the issue, but they find out it's their kid attracting the evil spirit.

I have to admit, the entire concept sounds a bit like PARANORMAL but with a higher budget, meaning now the bumps in the night can have CGI demon faces to accompany them I'm guessing.

Check it out below and draw your own conclusions:

Extra Tidbit: At least the kid being haunted gets to be asleep the whole time.
Source: JoBlo.com



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