First Tracker shots

Tough guy Ray Winstone is taking his ass kicking skills to a new locale in TRACKER, a film from Ian Sharp. And he has a beard!

The film is set at the opening of the 20th century, when a guerilla fighter from the South African Boer war called Arjan (Winstone) takes on a manhunt for Maori seaman Kereama (Morrison), who is accused of murdering a British soldier. What follows is a cat and mouse pursuit through the varied landscape of NZ with both hunter and huntee testing their bushcraft and wits against that of the other.

So it’s like PREDATOR, but with people. And less gatling guns. I guess I can dig that. Empire has the first two shots from the film, which you can click on below to see them in their entirety. They show Winston looking stately and Temeua Morrison with a chunk missing from his forehead. Gotta watch those low hanging branches!

Extra Tidbit: Hah, Winstone plays Ares in the upcoming PERCY JACKSON movie.
Source: Empire



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