First trailer for Death Race 2 sideswipes us out of nowhere

Can a movie be both a prequel and a sequel at the same time? I guess so, when you're too lazy to think of an appropriate subtitle. Rather than DEATH RACE: ORIGINS or DEATH RACE: THE BEGINNING, we just have DEATH RACE 2, an incorrectly numbered prequel that tells the story of how the whole death race thing got started in the first place.

Because Paul W.S. Anderson is too busy banging Milla Jovovich and plotting out more inane RESIDENT EVIL sequels for her to star in, he couldn't be bothered to direct this direct-to-DVD follow-up to his first film, which was itself a remake of an old film.

But they did get a few big(ish) names for the cast, namely Danny Trejo as the...hero? Maybe? No wait, it's Luke Goss in the "original" Frankenstein role. Also present are Ving Rhames and Sean Bean, along with the awesomely named (and built) Tanit Phoenix, a South African supermodel.

It kind of seems like they just used all the leftover cars and set pieces from the last film, and wrote a (somewhat) new script around it, but no one knows how to make unnecessary franchises like Anderson, so I'm not surprised this exists. Check it out below:

Extra Tidbit: Just make a Twisted Metal movie already!



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