First trailer for DJ Caruso's I Am Number Four beams down

Only a few films into his career, DJ Caruso is already a pretty polarizing director. Most recently, he's had a pretty good film (DISTURBIA) and a pretty not-so good one (EAGLE EYE), and now he's attempting a project without the added help of one Shia LaBeouf.

It's I AM NUMBER FOUR, a sci-fi epic starring Alex Pettyfer, Teresa Palmer, Kevin Durand and Timothy Olyphant among others. The teaser trailer has debuted via Yahoo! and you can check it out below, and thankfully its more trailer than teaser.

I'm not sure what I think of it yet. It seems like a good concept to me, but one minute the action looks awesome and the next like a deleted scene from Smallville. See for yourself, and let me know what you make of it. Head over to Yahoo! for HD.

Extra Tidbit: I thought EAGLE EYE was better than everyone said, it just wasn't very memorable. TAKING LIVES was memorable only for Angelina Jolie's boobs.
Source: Yahoo!



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