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First trailer for modern day Shakespeare film Coriolanus


I forgot about this project after seeing screenshots of it some months ago, but now with a full-fledged trailer, it's time to sit up and take notice again.

The film stars and is directed by Ralph Fiennes in his first effort behind the camera, and he's got some solid source material to work with. He's taking a Shakespearian tale, CORIOLANUS, and turning it into a present day action drama. 

Coriolanus is a tragedy that follows Gaius Martius, a heroic Roman general who is not who frowns upon the plebeians. He wins a great battle for Rome, becomes a national icon, and is invited to become a consul in the Senate, but then is betrayed and must unite with a former foe to take revenge.

Check out the trailer below which also stars Gerard Butler, Jessica Chastain and Brian Cox.

Extra Tidbit: Better career decisions from Gerard Butler lately I see.
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