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First trailer for Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring, starring Emma Watson, Leslie Mann, and Taissa Farmiga


Director Sofia Coppola's THE BLING RING has its first trailer, which is in typical Sofia Coppola fashion, letting the music take center stage with the quick cut images following along.  Starring Emma Watson, Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story season 1), Leslie Mann, Erin Daniels, Katie Chang, Kirsten Dunst, Israel Broussard, and Gavin Rossdale, the film is inspired by real life events, which found a group of fame-obsessed teenagers raiding the homes of their favorite celebrities to steal their clothes and jewelry in order to emulate the "bling" lifestyle.  I don't know that we need a film about these real-life brats, but I'm happy to receive a new Sofia Coppola film starring Emma Watson.  That, I can do.

Coppola is hot and cold with her features, but she'll always have my respect for the brilliant LOST IN TRANSLATION and underrated THE VIRGIN SUICIDES.  I appreciate that she stays true to her indie style as well, having never "branched out" (i.e. sold out) to be something she's not, even if that means never finding a big audience.

Here's the "bling":

Not much to go on in terms of performances, but it looks great.  I'm an unabashed fan of Emma Watson and am ashamed to say I haven't seen THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER yet.  Based on the set pics alone, this pic will definitely challenge perceptions of the actress as she continues to distance herself from the world of Harry Potter. It will be good to see Taissa Farmiga (younger sister of Vera) in a feature role as well, as she was great in the first season of American Horror Story (and will be returning for the third).  The subject matter is compelling enough and it looks to be a good time watching kids be bad.

THE BLING RING is set to open June 2013 in France with a U.S. date yet to be announced.

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