First trailer for Warner Premiere's The Dark Knight Returns - Part Two featuring Superman and Joker!

The first trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS - PART TWO has arrived, featuring the second half of what has already shaped to be a brilliant adaptation of Frank Miller's original mini series.  With the voice talents of Peter Weller (Batman), Michael Emerson (Joker), Ariel Winter (Carrie Kelly/Robin), David Selby (Commissioner Gordon), and Mark Valley (Superman) the animated film picks up where the last one ended, with Batman in charge of the gang of mutants he defeated, the return of the Joker, and an epic confrontation with Superman. 

Take a look:

I absolutely loved THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS - PART ONE.  It tapped into all the things that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES got wrong, having borrowed from Miller's seminal work, amongst others, creating an inconsistent homage.  Here, the adaptation is fairly straightforward, minus the internal monologue, and captures the essence of an aging Batman and his challenges in the future.  I may be biased as a fan of the comics and I can live with that, but it's the best adaptation I've seen of a particular comic series to date and I can't wait to see the whole damn thing.

No formal release date has been set other than "sometime in 2013" so stay tuned for the official word.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite animated Batman film thus far? The Dark Knight Returns - Part One slid into number one for me, edging out Mask of the Phantasm.
Source: MTV



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