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First trailer swims in for Pixar's Finding Dory


Finding Dory Andrew Stanton Ellen DeGeneres Albert Brooks Willem Dafoe

Dory still has short-term memory lost in this first trailer for FINDING DORY, but that's not going to stop the Pacific regal blue tang from trying to reunite with her family. The upcoming Pixar film is set six months after the events from FINDING NEMO, with a good chunk of it taking place at the Marine Biology Institute of California, where Dory was born and raised before being released into the ocean.

Ellen DeGeneres is back as the amnesiac fish, as well as Albert Brooks and Willem Dafoe, reprising their roles as Marlin the clownfish and Gill the moorish idol, and the sequel also features the voice talents of Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Ty Burrell, Ed O'Neill, Idris Elba, Dominic West, Kaitlin Olson and Vicki Lewis.

"I'm remembering something!...What was I talking about?"

Finding Dory Poster

FINDING DORY will be in theaters on June 17, 2017.

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