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Fischer gets a Pass for Farrelly Bros pic


While I actually thought that WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX STORY was actually pretty funny, I was worried that it's failure at the box-office might mean that the leading roles for Jenna Fischer were all but done. She hasn't had a lead role in a studio film since 2007 but I'm glad to see she's on her way back. Fischer has just nabbed a starring role in HALL PASS, the upcoming Farrelly Brothers comedy.

In the film Fischer will star as the wife of Owen Wilson's character who allows him one "get out of jail free card" for an extramarital affair. Wilson and his buddy, Jason Sudeikis, are initially pumped but when they find out Fischer wants the same benefit, they're joy turns to misery. Sudeikis' wife in the film has yet to be cast.

HALL PASS will begin filming next month while Fischer is on hiatus from "The Office" and while the Farrellys wait to get going on their THREE STOOGES movie.

Extra Tidbit: Fischer has a starring role in the upcoming indie drama A LITTLE HELP.
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